Terms & Conditions

If you are under the age of 18, you must have permission from a parent/legal guardian to order from us.

In the case of unclaimed packages/rejection of shipment, the customer is liable for costs incurred by stock rent or other return-related costs. If a shipment is not desired to be received by the recipient, it will automatically ship to the warehouse of the shipping supplier.

Dehn Design AS reserves the right to charge a fee if a consignment is not collected. This fee covers our costs of processing the return.

Unclaimed packages with a value below 350 EUR: 50 EUR excl. VAT. in fee
Unclaimed packages with a value above 350 EUR: 60 EUR,- excl. VAT. in fee

DEHN DESIGN AS reserves the right to cancel purchases if we suspect deceit/fraud.

DEHN DESIGN AS shipping costs are EUR 22,-
If you want to return the package, you have to pay the price of shipping.

Once we have received your order, we will send you a confirmation email with your order information. Always check the order confirmation to make sure that everything looks correct. Should there be any questions, contact our customer service at merete.dehndesign@live.no. Please keep your order confirmation so you have it in case of any questions regarding customer service. If you contact customer service, it’s best to have your order number as a reference. If you want to change or cancel an order, you should contact customer service immediately.

The prices of sales goods apply as long as the item is in stock.
We reserve ourselves for items to be sold out and for price errors that may occur. Occasionally, an item you order will be sold out before our system can update this. This can occur when several people order the same item at the same time. This product will be noted for a maximum of 5 days. That is, we are waiting to see if the item returns to us. We will send you an information email about this within 1-3 days. Contact customer service if you wish to change the order or wish to cancel the order.

Refunds/Returns does not apply to offers.

If you provide an incorrect delivery address and we need to redirect your delivery after the goods have been shipped from our warehouse, you will be billed for this. This invoice will be sent to the same email address to which you receive the order confirmation. If you mail us the correct address and we’re able to correct the address before the goods leave our stock, there will be no additional amount.